Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Easy but effective way of creating passwords.

Its difficult to come up with good passwords which are hard to crack and at the same time easy to remember.

But Anil Jhon in his msdn blog describes a very easy way of creating such password.
Here is his recommendation:

"Choosing a good password is critical to maintaining the security of this system. To construct a good password, create a simple sentence of 8 to 9 words and choose letters from the words to make up a password. You might take the initial or final letters; you should put some letters in upper case to make the password harder to guess; and at least one number and special character should be inserted as well. An example is the phrase "It's 12 noon and I am hungry" which can be used to create the password "I's12n&Iah". All passwords will be checked to make sure that the following complexity requirements are met:

Must be at least 9 characters
Must contain at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one digit and one special character
Valid special characters are - @#'$%^&+= "

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